Zeze Electricity Project – Wind Turbine 2017

NGO and energy-tech startup partner to deliver wind turbine workshop in rural Tanzania.

The Local Electricity Project and Mboni ya Vijana (MVG) in Zeze village, Kigoma District, western Tanzania, announced an initiative to put young people at the centre of a new collaborative workshop in July 2017.  The workshop was a great success and you can see many photos and videos from it here.

The workshop will give young people the tools to seek out new solutions to the problem of access to electricity, whilst utilising local materials and knowledge. Each participant will be supported to determine which local materials and skills can be used to build a wind turbine, able to provide 20W of power, enough to charge 2 mobile phones and power two 5W LED lights.

MVcarpentry_LargeG have previously set up a carpentry and welding workshop aimed at improving the skills of Zeze residents. This latest workshop will help to boost electricity usage in Zeze, a village 41 km from grid electricity and where only a small number of the population have access to solar.

By utilising local resources and skills, the workshop aims to reduce the cost of electricity whilst also providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and further education.




Mboni ya Vijana is the youth run community based organization based in Zeze village in Kasulu District Kigoma Tanzania. It incorporates young people to overcome absolute poverty and climate change effects and transforming rural people’s lives by the use of natural resources sustainably. In adapting the Zeze community to climate change, Mboni ya Vijana promotes sustainable farming/agriculture, entrepreneurship, environmental management and peer education.

The Local Electricity Project is a London based, energy-tech startup, creating tools and knowledge for people without access to electricity, to build their own electricity supply using recycled motors.

Contact: Samson Sahmland-Bowling, Co-Founder, ​samson@localelectricity.org​, http://localelectricity.org/