Our Projects

We believe everyone has the right to life’s basics. A roof, enough food to eat, clean water to drink and the education needed to build a brighter future. What we take for granted can only be dreamed of by communities in extreme poverty such as Zeze.

We believe in free seeds for everyone interested in the village.


We believe in education and learning about the consequences of land degradation.


We believe in fighting inequality.

To put his vision into practice, Benedicto started a cooperative group in Zeze village called Mboni ya Vijana (MVG), Eyes of the Youth.

Success stories:

    • Julias is 12 and in standard 6 of primary school. Since we built a new pump near his house, he often collects water for his family after school. In traditional African villages like Zeze, women and girls are usually the ones to collect water and firewood. Julias is breaking down this stereotype. He says; “Now water is nearer our home, I don’t have to wait for my mother or sister to return from the farm to collect water. I know I have to support my mama, so I collect water when I return from school. My Mama is every day at the farm and she knows I support the family so she can work for longer at the farm and produce more food for us”.
    • Zeze villagers grow and eat beans, maize and cassava. This limited diet is not nutritious, but people cannot afford to buy the better food they like. We have dug a fish pond to enable cheap fresh fish to be sold to the community, greatly improving their nutrition and reducing the current high levels of child stunting.
    • Boosting farming in Zeze requires irrigation systems and crop storage facilities.  With your donations we have managed to build an Agricultural Community Storage facility and tool loan scheme. We are now establishing irrigation schemes which will enable farming throughout the year and a wider range of crops.
    • Steven and Evarist are two friends
      who didwatermelon_Large not believe that watermelons could grow in Zeze village. These guys are two friends who are training and doing carpentry with us. When we started planting watermelons in July they were very skeptical. But after eating watermelons for the first time. Steven says, “I agree now everything is possible if you get education and tolerance. I knew that the soil is dry, with no rainfall, so how can watermelons grow here? But now I appreciate them, they are sweet and very good to eat in this heat. I will be the next to grow them on my land”. Evarist added “It is a business that requires a big heart, but I am very impressed to eat watermelon here in the dry season”. The success of watermelons is an important step in improving nutrition and income in Zeze.
    • Vedasto_LargeVedasto is a farmer who has adapted organic farming to increase his yields per area. He has planted a wide range of vegetables and has already harvested a bumper crop. He joined our environmental campaign to stop deforestation and slash and burn. “I have made a good profit and enough food from the plot of land which I have improved using compost from leaves and grass. I now understand how they improve the soil so I am the part of this campaign to stop people from felling trees and burning bushes”.

To watch a film about what we do, please take a look at our video “Bringing sustainable agriculture to Zeze village, Tanzania” on Youtube.

You can also read Hiara blog by Janet Champman. Its´a wonderful blog about Zeze.

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