Solutions Drive Youth Camp 2019 Unified Societies

Tofali_LargeBrick making

The improvements in agricultural production at Zeze in Kasulu Tanzania, is making the strength and effectiveness of the supporting food production in rural societies. From 29th July to 17th August 2019, Mboni ya Vijana Group held a youth camp that brought youth from different regions of Tanzania and Britain. The camp delivered technical and entrepreneurial skill to youth so the diversifications of strategies and ideas used by Mboni ya Vijana to ensure income and food security are spreading quickly and successfully.

Matheo is the chairman of Zeze village and he has been so cooperative through the camp processes. During the inauguration of the camp which was honoured by the Regional Administrative Secretary representative for Kigoma region, the village chairman says “we value the initiatives launched by Mboni ya Vijana because have made exceptional impacts to the society. The foods for this camp are provided by the community as an acknowledgement and reward to Mboni ya Vijana for improving agriculture which lead the community to increase yields per area. If you all (participants) learn carefully and adapt the strategies used by Mboni ya Vijana and replicate it to your societies, for sure Tanzania will benefit from you.”

George is one of the youth Camp Participants from Kagera region. He learned borehole drilling, rocks and ground water behaviour during the camp and he says; “My society lack water and there have not been this kind of water skills which we learned through this camp. I will adapt it and make it the community water solution at Kanyigo ward in Kagera. I am happ that my community will as well improve food and nutrition security further to improve in income and working efficiency to the households.”

Radhia is a lady from Dar Es Salaam who participated youth camp at Zeze for all 21 days learning skills and observing resources. She trained in resources, finance and soap making during the camp. During the camp end she said, “It has been worth attending this camp, I know the potentials at Zeze and I am connected with these people (MVG members). I am going back to Dar Es Salaam but I will open the shop in which I will sell the products from Kigoma especially Zeze. I didn’t know soap making, finance and resources recognition and use skills but this camp has unlocked me from the dark. I appreciate all the effort accomplished and will replicate it to my best level.” Radhia has already started selling soaps, beans and palm oil from Kigoma following her participation to Solution Drive Youth Camp 2019 at Zeze village.

The camp involved making bricks to help Zeze Secondary School build girls hostel as the remarkable symbol of holding this camp at Zeze in 2019. For those 21 days, the youth camp managed to make 10200 bricks which burned to strengthening them. Marry is the Kitibitibi primary school teacher at Zeze village. She said, “Making bricks for girls hostel construction is the most impressive idea which gives me much passion in the future of our community. Girls are the group in the society that is at high temptation after school time. Having hostel at Zeze Secondary School will improve their performance and make girls the future national leaders. This should not be stopped and we are learning having big hearts in building our nation.” Marry said.

Apart from such stories during the camp, youth who participated learned, shared and enjoyed different skills including beekeeping and honey processing, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), laws and environmental issues including adaptation to climate change. At finally, youth were handed with certificates of appreciation as the awards.

Publication2_LargeBorehole drilling lesson

Soap_leason_LargeSoap making lesson

honey_LargeLesson on honey harvesting

clasroom_LargeParticipants listening to the difference at Zeze

Enable 500 Tanzanian youth to feed their families


We believe everyone has the right to life’s basics. A roof, enough food to eat, clean water to drink and the education needed to build a brighter future. What we take for granted can only be dreamed of by communities in extreme poverty such as Zeze. But his dream isn’t impossible. It doesn’t take years of research or huge multinational organisations. It only takes the hard work of MVG, the villagers of Zeze and your donation. Will you help us to bring life’s basic needs to the people of Zeze?


Global warming has led to a reduction in rainfall in Zeze village. The subsistence farmers find it increasingly difficult to grow enough food to feed their families, let alone have a surplus to pay for medicine or school uniforms. 40% of children in Tanzania are stunted due to malnutrition. Working with the schools, we will select families in extreme need from this income generation project and enable them to grow cash crops such as tomatoes and watermelons.


We will provide access to a water source, irrigation materials and a seedling starter kit containing sunflowers, tomatoes, water melons and local nutritional crops to all families. We will provide initial horticultural and dietary training, together with weekly monitoring visits and a support group to ensure their crops grow well. We will also provide a guaranteed market for their crops, and entrepreneurship training on maximizing their income and expanding their business.

Long-Term Impact

We will enable 500 vulnerable families to generate an income, allowing them to ensure their children have sufficient nutritious food and uniforms to attend school. They will also be able to pay for health care when they need it, and to start rising out of the extreme poverty they are currently in.



Great maize harvest after farmers training

Great maize harvest after farmers training

A prosperous life for everyone in Zeze is the major demand of us (Mboni ya Vijana and donors). However, we could not have the way to that without the support from you all.

2016 has been a great year in Zeze evidencing a lot of changes in lives of many people towards satisfied families, prosperity and wellbeing. This is what together we are cerebrating together with you all!

Access to clean and safe water is making lives easy to people in Zeze by giving them opportunities to engage in other development activities and have less stomach infections.

Youth and women have been trained on best farming practices and supported with seeds and fertilizer to enable them produce enough food and feed their families and persuaded villagers to stop encroaching the forest reserve and develop sustainable farming on previously exhausted land near their homes. We have also managed to evaluate the results from the previous supported farmers who are going to harvest a greatly increased amount of maize after passing the dry season irrigating their farms.

Children in Zeze have had an exciting year though books learning with the opening of Mboni ya Vijana Library.

Development of the other income generation and industrial development projects and infrastructures, are increasing the opportunities for prosperous lives to Zeze community. These projects and infrastructures are enabling the community to access food, water and other services easily.

The achievements which Zeze community is benefiting with, have been from your support which we are celebrating this year end.  Thanks to you, we have made fantastic achievements in 2016, and we still have much work to do.

Many thanks for your continued support us and we wish you a wonderful 2017 from everyone at Zeze..

This new water pump has improved many livesThis new water pump has improved many lives

New libraryNew library

Carpentry workshop
Carpentry workshop

Enjoying a mango!
Enjoying a mango!

Bringing Broadband to Zeze School

20150817_220310School life in Zeze is rather different from the one I remember.  For a start, most pupils walk for over an hour to get there.  They also have to carry water with them to clean the school  as there is no water source nearby.  Their parents are subsistence farmers who struggle to provide them with food and uniforms.

There is no electricity in the village and kerosene is expensive, so they struggle to study after dark.  So Benedicto, TDT’s enterprising local representative has set up student study groups.  Each group of 5 students was given one solar light, cost £4, which they share to study at night. Students are extremely ambitious.  They realise that doing well at school could be the only route out of poverty for themselves and their families.

There are very few text books in the school, and none for research or further reading, so when I visited in June I brought a raspberry pi computer with downloaded content such as Wikipedia and Khan Academy videos on it.  As there is no electricity in the school they run this from a portable battery which they recharge in the headteacher’s house which has solar panels.

But now Zeze has the opportunity to have a free satellite broadband installation, courtesy of funding from the UK Space Agency.  Very few of the students have ever left the village.  There are no female staff. The headteacher, Mr Mabhuye is very keen for the  girls to have successful role models to boost their confidence.  He is also keen to develop links with schools in the UK to expand their horizons and share ideas.

However there is a catch.  They need to install solar power in the school by the end of September in order to order to benefit from this offer.  At a cost of £780 this is way beyond the scope of the school. If you would like to contribute to this project you can do so here.  All donations gratefully received.

Tackling inequality in Zeze village with sustainable agriculture

Building rural livelihoods and eliminating poverty in Tanzania…

I met Benedicto Hosea by chance. A well wisher from England who he’d met online had been so impressed with his drive to improve life in his village she’d asked me to take out a camera to him.

zeze tanzaniaWhen we met he talked with such passion and knowledge about the youth organisation he had set up in his village of Zeze I was convinced to take a one day detour along dusty, potholed roads to take a look.

Benedicto is the first in his family to go to secondary school, let alone university. When he finished his degree in in November he returned to Zeze and set up an organisation  to counter its poverty and malnutrition.  Mboni ya Vijana (it means “the eyes of youth” in Swahili) is small but committed and growing month by month.  Its members who pay monthly subscriptions of 5000 shillings (about £1.50) to buy bulk seeds and farming equipment . Even this modest amount is often a struggle for these subsistence farmers and they have to sometimes borrow from each other.  They are worried about the costs but excited about the possibilities.

education in tanzania
Even with this small capital they are transforming lives.  Changing practices have doubled maize yields,  growing the nutritional wonder plant Moringa will bring in 4 times their current income.  This means children will be able to go to school, needed medicine bought and villages won’t go to bed hungry so often.

They have big plans: bee hives, a cassava processor,  pumping water from a nearby stream in the dry season,  all meticulously researched and costed. Benedicto lives in a village without electricity but every night he walks through the rural darkness with his laptop to find a neighbour with charge from a solar panel or generator. He works from 2am, when the mobile signal is strongest. Discussing best irrigation techniques with farmers from El Salvador,  negotiating prices with moringa processors, and planning….

Next week they are holding their training camp in Zeze to keep spreading the word..

With 40% of Tanzanian children stunted by malnutrition,  it’s a timely message.

MVG are new to social media so please like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  You can hear Benedicto explain his ideas here.  If you would like to invest in them please email me at