A grassroots organisation dedicated to lifting villagers out of extreme poverty in Zeze, Tanzania.

Mboni ya Vijana Group (MVG) is a youth-run community organisation based in Zeze Village, near Kasulu, in western Tanzania. The name means “Eyes of the Youth” in Swahili.

We believe everyone has the right to life’s basics: a roof, enough food to eat, clean water to drink, and education to build a brighter future. Lives in rural communities are faced with many challenges and inequalities. Poverty, food insecurity, and environmental degradation are just some of the challenges that can be met. However, better environmental education can be an integral tool to improving lives in villages like Zeze.

Founded by Benedicto Hosea in 2012, we support rural communities in extreme poverty adapt to climate change with sustainable farming, access to water, entrepreneurship, environmental conservation and peer education. Our projects develop the skills and resources for people to lift themselves and their families out of extreme poverty.

MVG has been established in Zeze Village since 2014, and was given land by the village in 2015. Some of our projects include managing a very successful womens’ microfinance scheme serving 692 women with funding from Wabia foundation, a community honey project with 67 hives, the training of 877 and subsidising of 285 small farmers to run sustainable farming, which has greatly improved yields. So far, we have completed 27 boreholes providing clean water, facilitating the big Zeze Community Safe Water Project serving above 9000 people. We have delivered training on growing Moringa, leading to its production on 13 farms. We have trained more than 150 people on small business and entrepreneurship skills, delivered a youth camp to teach young people new skills and knowledge, and are providing more sustainable energy resources such as solar lights and fuel efficient stoves. In 2015 we received funds for the construction of a village agricultural storage facility from Tanzania Development Trust.

In 2018 Benedicto was sponsored by Britain Tanzania Society to visit the UK where he spoke about his work to many groups, including the All Parliamentary Group for Tanzania in the House of Commons.  In 2019 he was awarded the Points of Light award by the Queen for his work.

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