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Putting Zeze on the map – a post by our friends MBONI YA VIJANA youth community in Zeze – paints a picture of the Zeze village, as well as documents the very beginnings of the Crowd2Map Tanzania, and how we hope to literally put it on the map. Why is that…

2015 was a great year for Mboni Ya Vijana and Zeze village. Here’s what we accomplished: Created a microfinance group which jump-started the businesses of over 100 women in the village Fixed a water pump, sparing the villagers from taking hours out of their day to collect water from the nearest river  Installed 67 bee […]

In 2016, we hope to accomplish the following goals: Trained 500 beneficiaries in Zeze village on climate change (concept, causes, effects and coping strategies) Have in place three (3) fish farm dams for fish production/harvesting Have in place up to 10 hand drilled bore holes with rope hand pumps and the equipment and local skills […]

One natural resource that is plentiful in Zeze is sunlight. While the sun is great for nourishing crops and providing natural light, there are so many ways that we could use solar power to boost the Zeze community: Solar pumps In August 2015, Mboni Ya Vijana fixed a water well by using a solar-powered water pump […]

It’s the rainy season in Zeze so everyone is busy in the fields making the most of the precious water to try and grow enough to sustain their families over the dry season. The unpredictability of the rainfall and lack of any storage is not without it’s problems.  The roads quickly turn to inpassable mud and […]

Water dominates life in Zeze.  Everyone conserves the little they have as obtaining it is so difficult – carrying it long distances to your home, queuing at the pump…  There is also the continual fear that another of the pumps will fail, making water even harder to obtain.  These are constantly breaking down.  When I […]

In August I spent a week in Zeze village and met the chair, vice chair and secretary of the microfinance group, as well as many of the women who have received loans. I  also visited many of them in their homes and businesses and spoke to the Village Chairman, Village Executive Officer, and chair of MVG, […]